You're beautiful

Quiet bar Drew and Emma

Emma placed her red inch heels on her feet as she stood up applying her red lipstick. She had a long day at work, they were short on employees and the idiots that were working there, were just too stupid to do anything. Emma always had to do everything, she hated it, but she loved her job. Catching a cab, Emma decided to get a drink, she really needed it the stress from work was eating at her. But she was accompanied alone, all her girlfriends were busy, but that wasn’t going to stop her from going out. It was a Friday night, and Emma didn’t really feel like getting hit on by ever douche bag in the bar, so she went to a much smaller bar, a bar that wasn’t well known yet, nor did many people go to it. Entering the bar, Emma was really only here for a drink or two, and maybe if she felt fun she would hit up the bigger bar, but chances of that was slim, going to a bar alone as a female, wasn’t the best idea, unless you want a bunch of men on you. Sitting at the bar she waved the bartender over. She ordered one of her girly drinks as she looked around. There weren’t many people here, no one was sitting at the bar as the bar gave off a quite buzz as music softly played. The bartender handed her drink to him as she took a sip, pulling out her phone as she skimmed through her phone book, still finding no one to hang out with.

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